MUST HEAR: The infamous Kraken released in Georgia

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from Michael Yeager:

MUST HEAR: The infamous Kraken released in Georgia


Not myth but real! The sting of the steal revealed. This isn’t over. It’s just getting started! VERY INFORMATIVE! When Sidney Powell stated she HAS RELEASED THE KRAKEN, most of us thought of Clash of the Titans and cheered her on for her gutsy remark. She never blinked and held a stern, a serious face when she said it. She wasn’t joking and now we know why! The “Kraken” is a Department of Defense-run cyberwarfare program that tracks and hacks various other systems to acquire evidence of nefarious actions by the deep state! President Trump and the loyal patriots in the Military and Space Command now have all the evidence of voter fraud and election-related treason. This will be used against the enemies of America!