Silver Best Performing Asset, Again, Gold Ranked Number 3

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from Silver Report Uncut:

Silver Best Performing Asset, Again, Gold Ranked Number 3, Safe Haven Silver Demand Strips Supply


Silver was the best performing asset for the second month in a row. It’s interesting the text docs have so many friends they capture all of the attention and all of the headlines yet the best performing asset year-to-date is silver. yet there’s not a lot of fanfare or excitement not a lot of attention is being drawn to Silver this is also the second month it’s silver has out-performed all other investment classes. typically in silver and gold bull markets gold tends to lead the way and then once people begin paying attention to precious metals silver follows behind and ends up being an outperformer while silver was the best performing asset year-to-date gold came in at number three right behind the NASDAQ set the biggest story was not tech stocks but it was silver investment. Silver and gold miners have yet to see their excitement and we’ve not seen the types of returns we saw during the 2011 bull market in precious metals manifest itself in the mining sector. it’s applying to demand fundamentals are all out of whack and they have been since March the Comex has been scrambling trying to figure out ways to make delivery on gold and silver they’re having record deliveries on their gold market and the truth is really getting exposed that they simply do not have enough gold and silver to make delivery on their promises. we’re starting to see a great divergence between the spot price the futures price and the real price for physical gold and physical silver bullion. In the end we may see their price manipulation scheme break down entirely.