Silver Price Passes $27, Gold Price Sets ANOTHER New Record

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from Silver Report Uncut:

Silver And Gold Advance Again Silver Price Passes $27 Gold Price Sets A New Record Silver Eagles $35


Gold has been surging overnight leading spot Gold to set a new record around $2,040 an ounce. Silver price is now above $27 but at the time of recording the price was touching $26.40 and ounce. Silver coin supply and demand is way off what the Comex price suggests and it would be great to be able to get silver for $27 but that isn’t the case. On eBay silver eagles are running around $40 and silver eagles are between $35 and $36 on all the major bullion sites. People were saying that no one would want to buy expensive silver but I’m sure the bullion dealers are prepared to give you over spot price as we speak. If you sold you Silver on eBay you could sell for iver $30 an ounce and still be the cheapest silver available. Inflation adjustment was another subject some of the subscriber brought up and this is a positive for the gold market because it reveals there isn’t necessarily a ceiling for the bull market in precious metals because both silver and gold are undervalued. Silver has been the most undervalued commodity and silver hasn’t been cheaper in 5,000 years leading up to this upward price correction. Don’t just expect because price is irrational compared to technical fundamentals that silver and gold cannot continue to drive.