Something strange about Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest

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from The Outer Light:

Something strange about Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest


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  1. cloudy108

    July 5, 2020 at 5:34 am

    NOT when “they” knew, ALL-Along, where she was, of course. ALL that was required is for “The-Executive” to “Sign–On-The-Doted-Line” and “Bob’s-Yer-Uncle”. The-Hypocrisy is “14-year-Old-Girls”. And which “Innocent-14-Year-Old” is that? That is “The-Hypocrisy” of “The-Moment”. And this vein of Hypocrisy will NOT end. This is why “they” were able to “Silence” someone when “they” knew, full-well, that Hypocrisy will “Rule-The-Roost-when-Push-Comes-To-Shove”, another name for “Hypocrisy“ being, “The-Discrimination-based-on” Responsibility/”Gambling”, and NOT on “Absoluteness”.

    All May-know-about, “This, That, & The-Other” but when “Proof”, aka “Amendments”, is required, that is when “The-Deliberately-Limited-Brain-Will-Have-A-Hard-Time-Proving-ANYTHING-That-Is-NOT-Controlled-By-The-Monetizer”. You know, when “The-Right-Hand-Is-Playing-Cahoots-With-The-Left-Hand”, to “Fool, The-Fool-ables”. Which is why “The-Law-is-Bent”, another mark, “Chalked-Up”, for “Malevolence”. You know, when “A-Joke” is taken seriously because of “The-Straight-Face”, aka “Laughing-ALL-The-Way-To-Da-Banque”.

    Like it or NOT, “Malevolence” was given full-control of “The-Material-World”, aka “The-Materialised-Brain”, since “Yonks”, with The-Caveat being that “Divinity” is able to “Re-Incarnate-To-Help”. This is why “A-Full-Scale-War” exists between “The-UnConditionality-Of-Benevolence” and “The-Conditionality-Of-Malevolence” for “The-Hearts-&-Minds” of Humans/”Thinkers”, with “Benevolence-Working-via-The-Heart” and with “Malevolence-Working-via-The-Minds”. “Malevolence” knows said “War” WILL END with Its “Defeat”, regardless, which is why when The-Heart “Dies”, EVERYTHING “Dies” but when The-Brain ”Dies”, not EVERYTHING will “Die”. But NOT, when Benevolence is “forced-to” Remove EVERYTHING, including those Benevolence “Holds-Dear”. Something “The-Devilish” is “Working-Towards-via-Materialism-Running-Amok”.

    As matters stand, “Benevolence” is “Winning-The-War”. This is because inspite of the [seeming] outward differences, Humans are innately benevolenet. There is NO such thing as “The-Superior-Human” other than being Nazi-like and is also the reason why there is NO such thing as “Race & Nationality”. No matter who said what.

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