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from Vinctum:



Pedophilia seems to be a much bigger problem than any of us had ever thought within the movie industry and among people with wealth. Chrissy Teigen has just recently deleted over 60 thousand tweets in connection with pizza which is code language of pedophiles for children and other sexually tinted messages regarding children and some just plain weird. Is she involved in Pizzagate or is it all a coincidence? How do you delete 60000 tweets to begin with unless you had help? Howie Mandel is another celebrity who is acting very strange and seems to be using some secret code language to inform his satanic partners in crime. When you do what Howie says in the video you get the wayfair logo which seems to be very odd coincidence say the least! Also there might be some connection with the red shoe club. These people seem to have an unquenchable thirst for Adrenochrome. Furthermore Ghislaine Maxwell has pleaded not guilty for crimes against children but she has also been denied bail which means she will have to stay in jail until 12 july 2021. Also I talk about why I think Trump is not deepstate and I give my opinion regarding this. The Great Awakening is coming. WWG1WGA

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