MN Dr. Scott Jensen Under Fire For Exposing COVID STATS Fraud

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from Voicetv Nigeria:

MN Dr. Scott Jensen Under Fire For Exposing COVID STATS Fraud


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  1. cloudy108

    July 15, 2020 at 3:38 am

    This shows that Humans/”Thinkers” are, at-least, “Dual-Natured”. When “Politics” are “allowed-to” influence Reality, “Truth” is NOT The-Point, but “Society” is, and what if “Society” is ALL-About Abandonment/”Gossipping” Running-Amok ? Well, although that might-be “Too-Bad-for” Reality/“Truth”, at least “People” get what they want.

    And isn’t that Reality for “The-Vast-Majority” of The-Abandoned, aka “Worshipping-Issues”/InActivity, whose “Strange-Bedfellow”/Sustenance/”Other-Half” is “Saviourship-Issues”/Activity? This is why, unless & until The-Individual gathers “The-Courage-To Recognize/”Face” his/her-Very-Own-Reality”, there is NO Reality. Then “Reality” is merely, “The-Will-Of-The-Vast-Majority”. No wonder “DemonKraziness” insists that “The-Other” be “Democratized” immediately – or ELSE.

    Unless & Until The-Individual is able to “see”/realize/”perceive” Reality, there is NO Reality. Then Relativity has successfully supplanted Reality. Hence the need to be collectivised-as “The-Dual-Natured”/Hypocrisy-101. This WILL NOT Change. If true, The-Individual must “Change”. When many such Individuals Collectively-Change, Reality/”Benevolence”/Truth will, then, be “Enthroned”/Institutionalized. Unlike “Hypocrisy”, which is “Sitting-on-The-Throne”, NOW and being “Worshipped”. ALL may know this but when only A-Few are able to realize so, ALL might as well NOT know, which is how “Malevolence” likes it.

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