Gold Breaks Through $1,900 & Silver Flirting With $23+

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from Silver Report Uncut:

Gold Breaks Through $1,900 For The First Time Since 2011, Silver Flirting With $23+ As Stocks Fall


The favorite retail stocks have begun to meltdown as the economic realities begin to sink in. Tesla (TSLA), Amazon (AMZN), Boeing (BA) have all begun to cave in and retail investors are all-in. This wasn’t the biggest news as Gold is within striking distance of all-time highs and spot gold has reached $1,902 an ounce for the first time since 2011. On Sep 5, 2011, Gold reached $1,921 an ounce intraday before pulling back to $1,896 but this time around Gold is back near record highs without even breaking a sweat. In 2011 we were deep into the great recession and it was evident to almost everyone but the major difference in this recession and this gold bull market is that a large portion of people believe we’re on the edge of a V-shaped recovery. In short, this means Gold and silver may have much further to go and once we cross over into to record high gold prices. The truth is we have never seen millions upon millions of people losing their jobs weak after week. Silver prices had their best week in 40 years and is now outperforming gold YTD.