George Floyd Psyop Is RIDDLED with Freemasonry | UNBELIEVABLE CONNECTIONS!

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from PressResetEarth:

George Floyd Psyop Is RIDDLED with Freemasonry | THE CONNECTIONS ARE UNBELIEVABLE!






  1. Chris

    June 7, 2020 at 1:24 pm

    Yeah brother I think you’re right. Floyd is either alive somewhere or this was some planned deep state hit.

  2. nope

    June 29, 2020 at 10:07 am

    I worked as an informat. Psy Ops are highly complex and require abstract thinking. While infiltrating various smuggling rings(drugs guns human trafficing)across several states in the Midwest I started noticing a tactic being used by what seemed to be none government entity. private intel contractor
    The tactic characteristics are similar to a term called gang stalking.( wont get into it. looked it up. the goal is to start getting the subject conditioned by constantly keeping there body in the fight or flight (fear)response. which comes from the adrenaly gland. This affects of course the subjects CNS which intern stresses the body and brain and affects thinking. the brains thinking goes into a survival mode.The tactic is repeated constantly and used over a period of time to keep subject in e fear response. Also the subject will have there social media, email and entire computer system hacked/taken over. Example: Subject goes on Craigslist to look for a job. well its not Craigslist it just looks like it.( youll notice it by the time it takes to load the page) All ads will be tailored to the subject( remember subject has been hack they have profiled subject). Since subject say is looking for jobs they’ve obtain is resume an just tailor all jobs post to fit his interest in the likelihood the subject will call one of the posting for a job. No matter what number the subject calls it will only go to one place. This is how infiltration works. Can be used by both good and bad.
    So I noticed this happening while I was in Colorado( democratic state). Follwing, sensitizing to different things such as messages on licesnse, they even act out seens from popular movies(say anything to doctor they lable you crazy. (Deep state operates in mental health diagnosis), internet accounts hacked and even just strange people coming up to me and trying to be friendly asking me about political views and religious views.
    Now I was working a human trafficing case involving under age prostitution/sexslaves by rich elite (Epstein). And this is when the above tactics began to used on me. I met a lady who claimed to be on of these underage sex slaves for politicans, musicians, elite. She had contacts who where Russian. One of which flew in to what seemed to me to check me out. She also had an attorney who she told about me and he told her to cut all contact with me right away. Before she did she told me about a deep state govt. I told her I new nothing about it and I was offered a position as a 33Rd mason. She said They like the fact that I did what was right no matter the consequences. I regected it. Since had been being gang stalked during time and it was working on me.( fight or flight response for a prolonged period) I was paranoind on edge, getting a little dangerious if you get me) After I was checked out by the Russian dude, I was offered to stay at a cabin that was off grid. Sounds to me like a fucking trap or set up. Get someone in a prolonged state of fight or flight. Then give them a place to disappear.( trust me I wanted, their psy Op works well) But Ive been set by dirty cops or criminals before and I fucking know a set up..most of the time. Now this Prostitute came into my life I didn’t find her she was only used as child sex slave she stated. She wanted to date and even marry about knowing her for about a day
    and when I walked into her place there was a wedding dress and I noticed it was set up like the decription of Ms. Haveshas house from the book great expectations. Of course when I notice these things I don’t say a word, I just play dumb, which feeds there egos and relaxes them makes think im dumb or gullible. And in turn I end up getting lead down trail further which gives me more information.
    well then I slipped I pulled a knife on a gentilman that I noticed following me. He told he was being directed to follow me by a person I wont release the name of. I let him go only to have SWAT show up at my place. I was arrested and what I told the police was not believed. Very hard to prove psyOps. I was put in a mental hospital and when I told the doctor hat I witnessed he said it fit the diagnosis of parnoid schizophrenia. (look it up) (deep state tries to discredited people by imulating pshy diagnosis.
    now heres where it gets more interesting. I met people in CO that experienced the same thing. One of which was n the mental hospital. He was charged with shooting up a planned parent hood in CO(2016 area) I had a chance speak with him. very logical didn’t seem sick overall a regular guy. But without me probing he started talking about being stalked, followed and even drugged. He said it had been going for a period of time and he snapped. I noticed when I was being stalked my brain in the flight or fight response would link the people coming up to me asking about religion or political beleifs as the perpatrators and I have to admit i thought about shooting up a church or political entities. I thought. could this man have experienced the same treatment as me only but his were geared towards abortion issues. Remember prolonged fight or flight response is linked to survival. If the brain links a subject as a danger to its survival it will run or if cant get away it will try to destroy or kill the precieved threat. (what the brain precieves real is real) So what seems to be happening. There are subjects being used or treated this way for long periods of time. Its pshyological torture, and grooming. Im sure they all try to run away but when the brain perceives it cant run anywhere the only option in the flight fight response is to fight and to take out the perceived threat. Which has n groomed in the subject or a period of time.

    In the end i was labled paranoid schizophrenic for just telling the doctor about my experiences. Don’t be fooled this is taking place in largely democratic areas. I hate to admit but what they are doing is working. Most people in America don’t have the time to figure out and deal wth the understanding of these psy Ops. They are abstract and very complicated.

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