Vermont Bans Retailers Selling Seeds! Deemed Unessential?!?

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from Silver Report Uncut:


Vermont Bans Retailers Selling Seeds! Deemed Unessential As Millions Struggle To Find Food In The US


VT has just Banned retailers from selling seeds in store along with all other now essential items. Interesting Garden supplies and seeds have been considered unessential seeing how we have been seeing mile-long lines at food banks around the country. Walmart has placed signs notifying customers the seeds are not for sale and all sales must now be placed online. Lowes has closed off their Garden sections and though the businesses themselves have been deemed essential they have begun to limit the sale of items themselves that they view as unessential. If you have ordered anything online from Walmart recently I’m are you know that could take weeks if it even arrives at all. We have experienced not only empty shelves in place of fresh fruits and vegetables but also month-long delivery times ordering from Walmart. Spring planting season is upon us and the food distribution systems have been struggling to supply food to most grocery stores. In troubled times everyone should grow a garden as it will help to make the entire nation stronger and more secure. Seeds along with vegetables themselves have been given to man for food and I don’t believe people should be hindered in their quest to source food especially since the shelves are frequently empty. Maybe it’s a city thing where people believe Gardening and seeds are no-essential items but you need food to live. As stresses begin to appear in our food production due to lack of workers or farmers failing from loss of revenue I believe seeds should be distributed to the populace and classes provided on how to go from seed to the table.


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  1. Sandra Barnes

    April 5, 2020 at 10:36 pm

    This is a Deep State thing…they’d like us to starve and die. How nice. Had enough of what the Dems really want to turn America into? A third world entity that is state controlled. Time to wake up.

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