COVID-19 Conspiracy? 5G Agenda: Part 5 – Dr. Buttar

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from Dr Rashid A Buttar:

COVID-19 Virus Conspiracy? Deceptive Agenda, Censorship, : Part 5 – Dr. Rashid A. Buttar


Part 5 – Deceptive Agenda was due to be released at 10 pm on March 30, 2020. But all the constituent videos that were going to be shown included in this video (total of 9, obtained with permission), was censored and shut down by the various hosting platforms at 7:30 pm last night. As a result, we have decided to post this explanation video instead, explaining what happened, why it happened, and how we’re going to help you get the full Part 5 to you, critical information that is intentionally being censored from you. Watch this video, follow the instructions to get access to watch the real Part 5 video, and then pass the information on and pay it forward. Our future and that of our loved ones hang in the balance of what will happen in the next few weeks. PS – For those looking for the FB live stream replay, it was immediately taken down. There were a few thousand people watching but that was enough of a threat apparently that the live stream video was deleted. What you will see in this video is the first 30 minutes of the live stream, which went on for almost 1.5 hours. You will be able to see this live stream replay as well since we recorded it. Instructions are the same for accessing Part 5. May the Creator bless you, bless the United States and bless all the inhabitants of this planet.

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