Tim Draper predicts the price of Bitcoin after the halving! $250K Bitcoin by 2023 …

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Tim Draper predicts the price of Bitcoin after the halving! $250K Bitcoin by 2023 …


Today we’re excited to be joined by the legendary investor and VC Tim Draper who has a long history of picking winners in Silicon Valley. Join us as we discuss the economics of the upcoming Bitcoin halvening, what is likely to happen to price, and whether miners will throw in the towel. Plus he shares some personal finance and investing tips, and we also discuss his passion for AI and VR technologies. Tim Draper is one of Silicon Valley’s most forward-thinking VC’s, having previously made his mark investing in companies like Hotmail, where he invented the concept of “Viral Marketing” by leveraging existing social networks. Since then he has made dozens of successful and well-known investments in companies like Skype, Tesla, Twitter, Robinhood, Coinbase, and also Baidu – which is the world’s largest holder of Artificial Intelligence IP’s and made Tim the first VC to invest in the Chinese tech market in the early 2000s. Tim is famous in the cryptocurrency world not just for his investments in companies like Coinbase, Unstoppable Domains, and various blockchains, but also for his famous purchase of 30,000 Bitcoin’s at auction back in 2014, when a single coin was trading for roughly $650 per coin. Since then Tim has been a powerful advocate for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, throwing his influence behind the world’s leading cryptocurrency in addition to funding projects. His positive outspoken nature has also made him infamous for continuing to claim Bitcoin will hit $250,000 within a few years. And the blockchain love runs in the family, with his son Adam Draper’s Boost VC fund has invested in more than 100 blockchain-related startups. Tim is very much a visionary and looks to help others grow their vision through the Tim Draper University where entrepreneurship is fostered and taught. This makes him a passionate defender of entrepreneurs including Silk Road creator Ross Ulbricht, which we touch on in this interview.


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