Posie Parker – Woman – Adult Human Female

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from Mot Dag TV:

Posie Parker – Woman – Adult Human Female


Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull aka Posie Parker presents at the Mot Dag-conference in Oslo, Norway. She is the founder of Standing For Women, a global women’s rights campaign group, and the creator of the action Women Stand Up! She is a woman, a mother of four, a free speech advocate and a feminist (in that order). She first came into the public eye when interviewed under caution by the British Police for speaking out about the transitioning of children on twitter. The “Standing For Women” campaign focuses specifically on the language around being female. Parker sold t-shirts and stickers to raise enough money to purchase a billboard that read “Woman, noun, Adult Human Female” to really push into the public consciousness the harm being done to women. The billboard was removed by the billboard company as it was accused of being «hate speech and offensive». Kellie-Jay has taken her activism to the USA to start the “Women Stand Up!” Week of global action in which women are invited to take part in any way they feel comfortable. Small actions can make a huge movement.

Web page: https://www.standingforwomen.com/


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