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Drought by Design – The Genociding of Australia

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from thecrowhouse:


Drought by Design – The Genociding of Australia



  1. bob huebner

    December 20, 2019 at 8:59 am

    great work mate…this video needs to go viral in Australia…it,s not a conspiracy video ..rather a reality much information tying it all into the one scary agenda

  2. Privacy Advocate

    December 21, 2019 at 8:07 pm

    Fantastic work, Max. Australia has been under treasonous attack for YEARS now with very heavy observable chemtrailing. I have personally even witnessed Air Force jets chemtrailing, in a furthering of our once-proud and admirable military into a complicit disgrace (as if Middle Eastern genocide participation wasn’t already enough).
    IMPORTANTLY, we must all share this video with as many people as we can. Damn the torpedoes and inevitable typical Aussie insecure ridicule – conversations within our communities are what these criminal sociopaths fear the most – hence, the drastic censorship we now see. Start these conversations and steer people away from the typical sport/reality TV chat that has zombified our once strong-willed people.

    Share this video PLEASE everyone – and steer people towards reliable alt news sources that are palatable enough for the average intellectually-disabled, mind controlled, cognitive dissonance-embracing Australian (I can say that because I am Australian).
    SGTreport(dot)com is a great starting place for people, as is the excellent (Australia) GumshoeNews. The time is now to get active, before 5G is rolled-out and we see dissodents becoming a thing of the past. Mobilise while we can think clearly!

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