The Tom Hanks Conspiracy – Leak Plugged w/ a Red Scarf (The Death of Isaac Kappy)

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from Bill Smith News:


The Tom Hanks Conspiracy – Leak Plugged with a Red Scarf (The Death of Isaac Kappy)


Tom Hanks was outed in a pedo conspiracy predicted by Qanon. 3 days later Qanon went mainstream: “Something BIG is about to drop”.

*******************Welcome to the #TomHanksConspiracy ***********************

We are currently here:

1. They are trying to REBOOT Tom Hank’s “Nice Guy” Image…

2. They know that *you know* about this (Jim Jeffries Show)…

3. *this is what #FEAR looks like*: they just tried to EXPLAIN this.. ahahaha! (on Conan team Coco, see the hand thing he does?):… **** The timeline went something like this: ****

1. Tom Hanks faces pedo accusations on Twitter

2. Bill Smith did a video on 7/24/18:…

3. Qanon posted the same day the video was released 7/24/18…

4. Qanon goes mainstream with Tom Hanks front and center 7/30/22018…

5. Tom Hanks Escapes to David Giffen’s Yacht (a convicted pedophile)…

6. Tom Hanks gets a special interview on Ellen

7. Tom Hanks starts shooting a new movie playing a “moral man” named Mr. Rogers in “A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood” (c’mon public, he’s the Hollywood nice guy with nothing to hide, remember!)

8. A sound engineer DIES ON THAT SET (..seriously w.t.f.)…

9. #WhereIsBillSmith

10. Isaac Kappy keeps running his mouth

11. Tom Hanks predicts his death 42 days in advance (Route 66 Roadkill)

12. Isaac Kappy dies at age 42 on Route 66 (RUN OVER by a Ford Truck)



Tom Hanks is a … (let’s check Twitter and find out)


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