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EVIL in the ENNEAGRAM! – False Spirits of “Disruptive Spiritual Technology”

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from FaceLikeTheSun:

EVIL in the ENNEAGRAM! – False Spirits of “Disruptive Spiritual Technology”


In recent years, the Enneagram has become popular amongst progressive Christians who seem to love the integration of occult and eastern mysticism into their worship experience. While nothing more than a glorified horoscope for Christians, the Enneagram has some very nefarious contemporary roots. While some suggest the practice, or something like it, goes far back into the early church fathers, the bottom line is that such a tool has little to nothing to do with the salvation of souls through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In fact, the practice borders on works based salvation, as it suggests these personality categorizations help us “better understand ourselves” and to be “better Christians.” More disturbing are the words used to describe the Enneagram in modern churches: “disruptive spiritual technology.”


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