Something strange about the rat/mouse falling on the White House Press

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from The Outer Light:


Something strange about the rat/mouse falling on the White House Press


Recently a rat/mouse fell from the ceiling onto the White House Press making a perfect story for headlines like “Rat falls from White House”. If you think about the timing of the event, and combine it with the fact that recently Donald Trump has been continually depicted as a rat in floats and news stories after his Baltimore comments on Twitter, and he is being Impeached, then it seems pretty convenient that the event happens in the most hyper example possible i.e., a rat falling on the press (how could they not write about that). There seems, at least in my speculation, to be a subversive slander campaign working at a subliminal level to link Donald Trump to a rat that is “falling” from the White House. Probably most liking to link his “fall from the white house”, i.e., the rat falling from the White house ceiling etc., this could be used as a subliminal lies of illusion model of linking the pattern together until it happens or does not happen. A priming for something, maybe to be used in Donald Trump’s downfall, fall from the White House. I go into this as well as other things in this video.

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