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MUST WATCH: The Origins of UN Agenda 21 & UN Agenda 2030

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from Peoples Party of Canada – PPC:


MUST WATCH: UN Agenda 21 & UN Agenda 2030


NOTE: I have referenced a portion of Ann’s comments in many of my videos and interviews. This really is an eye opening speech that ought to be shared far and wide. ~SGT

Start at 2:37. Ann Bressington bravely exposes UN Agenda 21, that is now UN Agenda 2030. Agenda 2030 was adopted by our Canadian Federal Government in Sept. 2015 during the Stephen Harper, Conservative Party of Canada reign. Have they told you about this, or how it will affect your life and community? This is a must see video for All, esp. those affected by new park creations, and sectioning off large tracts of land for wildlife management.


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