Lagarde’s ECB To Save The World With “Green Bonds”…

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from McAlvany Financial:

Lagarde’s ECB To Save The World With “Green Bonds”…


Negative Rates: Buy Swiss bonds for 1087, in 10 years get back only 1000! Backfire: Trump wins if Dems march all the way to Impeachment. Hypocrisy: Record company share buybacks as execs offload their own shares. Thanks for listening to this week’s McAlvany Commentary. The objective of McAlvany Weekly Commentary is to provide investors with valuable monetary, economic, geopolitical and financial information that cannot be found on Wall Street. As a listener, each week you’ll enjoy relevant discussions from David and a revolving cast of internationally-renowned economists, authors, and financial advisors. As an investor, you will be given a solid strategy of wealth preservation for your financial and retirement assets, and gain insight into better navigating our uncertain world and unstable economy.

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