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How Burnt Mountain Road Links the Kincade California Wildfire to Seattle 11/3

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from Global Agenda:

How Burnt Mountain Road (SR 113) Links the Kincade California Wildfire to Seattle 11/3


First off I want to give a shout out to @TimTruth YouTube channel as he has been covering and connecting a possible large ‘incident’ happening in Seattle on his YouTube Channel for a little while now. Also I always like to mention UK YouTuber @SpudgyPang because he has spent the majority of his time on YouTube covering a possible false flag event happening in Seattle for several years now. If you are a regular viewer to my channel you will know that I always keep my eye on the North West coast of Mother America going as far back as the Chris Mintz Umpqua College Shooting Hx. that happened in Oregon a few years ago. Between San Francisco, (Freemasonville Portland. Oregon) and of course Seattle I have been watching all signs leading to a major event happening out in the Wild West for as long as I have been covering conspiracies on my channel. Which goes back to July 2013. So with that said here are my latest connections on how the algorithms are linking today’s California Kincade Wild Fire to Seattle November 3rd. Enjoy the video and make sure that you give me a like to push the YouTube algorithms as my videos are not even showing up anymore in Googles/YouTubes search engine. Peace out. #Seattle #KincadeFire #BurnedMountain

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