Daily Rabbit Hole #461 | Julian Assange | NYT edits out “Russia”

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from The Outer Light:

Daily Rabbit Hole #461 | Julian Assange | NYT edits out “Russia”


In this video I talk about the new video of Julian Assange in the police van, and how sad it is that the public are not more outraged. I also go into the stealth edit of the NYT article where the word “Russia” was removed in regards to Clinton’s comments of grooming Tulsi Gabbard. I also go into how vegetables have declined in minerals by as much as 80/90% in the last one hundred years as well as the fire at Sky Tower New Zealand, which burned for over 24 hours. A link to the achieve to both of the NYT articles can be found here: Original (OCT 18th): http://archive.is/4K5cX Changed (OCT 23rd): http://archive.is/ZPZCU


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