Reaction to Chappells’s Sticks & Stones: “woke culture” FAIL

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from The Outer Light:


Reaction to Dave Chappells’s Sticks & Stones shows “woke culture” is failing


Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix special “Sticks & Stones”, which came out on August 26th 2019, has created new controversy for what the MSM saw as Dave Chappelle’s criticism of woke culture within the media. The recent Rotten Tomatoes score of Dave Chappell’s new show stands at 17% rotten at the moment, although the audience score almost stands at 99%. This shows the massive divide between those in charge of the authoritarian tech oligarchy/MSM and the general population. In fact, you could say the divide is so immense that Rotten Tomatoes paid reviewers have nothing in common in any gradation whatsoever with the general population. The Rotten Tomatoes score was left at 0% for at least a week before it was updated with the 17% score today, September 3th 2019, which seems also to be done for a reason; constructing a jumping point for the authoritarian news outlets to lambast the show by proxy of an “artificially” low Rotten Tomatoes score. I go into this as well as some other things in this video.

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