Housekeepers for Epstein took photos of “famous people” like Bill Clinton

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from The Outer Light:

Housekeepers for Jeffery Epstein took photos of “famous people” including Bill Clinton


The former housekeepers for Jeffery Epstein’s Manhattan 77 million dollar town-house took photographs of famous people who visited Jeffery Epstein. These famous people captured include John Kerry, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew /his former wife, and others as well as some movies stars of the day. Although Bill Clinton states he only visited the “apartment” of Jeffery Epstein once, very briefly, he is featured in two different photographs that seem to have a long amount of time between. Either he has visited the town house twice, in different time periods, or he has stayed overnight – both of which would show that Bill Clinton is not telling the truth in his statement, that was issued by his Press Secretary. I go into this and other things in this video – the link as mentioned in the video can be found here:…