“Hack the Planet: Epstein, Aaron Swartz, and Max Headroom”

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“Hack the Planet: Epstein, Aaron Swartz, and Max Headroom”


The short week launches in a big way. There are some very important updates on General Michael Flynn, which we will get around to in the opening segment, with special guest correspondent, Tracy Beanz. But the topic of Hacking will be sprinkled into all major parts of the show: A recent Hacking of Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account; Assaulting People Remotely through Hacked Sex Toys; and then dive into a possible chilling connection between Jeffrey Epstein, MIT, and Aaron Swartz…then a look back at one of the most famous TELEVISION hacking incidents of all time. QF Blog link Epstein/MIT “BONUS*: https://bit.ly/2kqDdSg

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