What would the members of “Queer Theory” think of Epstein’s crimes?

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from The Outer Light:

What would the founding members of “Queer Theory” think of Jeffery Epstein’s crimes?


Jefferey Epstein maybe the worlds most famous pedophile, given the fact that he has been largely linked to his sexual abuse of hundreds, maybe thousands, of children. But the question of the modern age might be, what would the founders of Queer Theory think of Jeffery Epstein’s abuse of children? – would they think what he has done is a crime? I go into the founders of Queer Theory citing the video by Derrick Jansen where he plays “Pedophile Jeopardy” in a lecture which was interrupted by the infamous identity / Marxist Queer Theory proponent groups, Antifa. I go into this as well as many other things in this video. Tomorrow is my day off so I will not be here.

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