Italian Police bust elite “mind control ring” targeting children

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from The Outer Light:

Italian Police bust elite “mind control ring” targeting children #AngelsandDemons


Recently nothing less than a mind control ring has been busted in Italy. The police sting code named “Angels and Demons” lead to the arrest of 18 people accused of everything from using electrical shocks on children to program sexual abuse within them to selling the children on the black-market. The mind control ring can only be described as high level, involving everyone from doctors and other high level professional, to the mayor of the city themselves. The children were later sold to foster parents who ended up sexually abusing them further. The police have confirmed the reports but other details and still forthcoming. I go into this as well as a number of things, related to other versions of mind control, such as MK Ultra, within this video. A full link to the video by DC Hammond, can be found here:…

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Building plans show Epstein wanted to build an “underground movie theatre”

Recently building plans show that Jeffery Epstein built things very different than what he applied for. One of these buildings was Epstein’s temple structure which looked nothing like the permit for the building plan – the permit depicts architectural plans for an octagonal structure with four doors inside to different rooms including a bathhouse. The structure that was built, Epstein’s Temple, is far smaller and square and via visual analysis by researchers seems to have no other rooms that can be seen through the windows. Epstein Temple is so small that it is unlikely that it could have ever been used for a room to effectively house a grand piano given the size of the room. Also new information has come to light showing Jeffery Epstein wanted to build an underground movie theater as well; thus for the first time confirming the fact that Jeffery Epstein had intentions to build large structures underground. Researchers have stated their belief that there might be underground buildings or rooms on Epstein Island, including tunnels, for some time, although this is the first indication that such rooms or buildings may exist, or at least there were intentions to build such, has arrived by way of government documents i.e. permits.

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