America’s Secret Destiny: What you weren’t taught in school! [Documentary]

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from Jay Myers Documentaries:


America’s Secret Destiny: What you weren’t taught in school! [Documentary]


The History of America is not what is taught in schools. What role did secret societies and occult orders play in our nation’s founding? Why are there strange symbols embedded in the layout of Washington DC? Why is an secret owl hidden on the 1 dollar Bill and what does it represent? All this and more as we explore America’s Secret Destiny: the history you weren’t taught in schools!

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  1. Jj

    July 20, 2019 at 9:21 am

    This is old stuff. Bad people prosper when they demonize and remove my beloved Freemasons from working among us. We now see psychopaths elected into office and I don’t mean Trump. We are the guys among those working to relieve the widows and orphans in your neighborhoods. Helping to re-roof an old woman’s house. We were once the guys who could identify the liars and cheats and thieves before they ran for Office, but then people bought into this crap and we said “Okay” and left any participation in community affairs. No fight, we just go away. Choose your enemies wisely, kids. Choose Liberty and let’s go get our Constitutional Republic back. You know, the one these guys helped erect. The world has been wrecked because of such garbage. Enough with the Dark Avenues. Go grab the obvious Evil and leave off inventing it.

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