The Unspeakable Truth of Human Trafficking: The Horror At Your Doorstep

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from Lionel Nation:

The Unspeakable Truth of Human Trafficking: The Horror At Your Doorstep


Lynn Shaw and Andi Buerger sit down to chat about a most critical issue affecting our country today but rarely addressed and confronted in mainstream media: human trafficking. Andi is a survivor with first-hand knowledge of the horrors that we all need to educate ourselves about, address and learn how we can better protect our precious children and all people at risk. Lynn and Andi discuss a number of topics including Andi’s upcoming book chronicling her personal experience and journey helping young survivors as well as the crisis at the border, emphasizing the human trafficking criminal industry in particular. Also discussed is Beulah’s Place, a safe haven for children in Oregon, founded by Andi and her husband Ed. Lynn and Andi discuss the debut of their plans for a new joint Alliance to Halt Human Trafficking, along with partner Blanquita Cullum, beginning with a media event in Washington, DC in Fall 2019. The group, including partners in Mexico, will bring together individual businesses, charities and concerned citizens already working in the trafficking field to strengthen our country’s overall awareness and educate the public on how they can join in and help. Lynn says, “We are real women with real solutions and we refuse to stand by and watch this horror of human plight continue.”

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