It’s OVER For Us and Independent Media HERE

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from WeAreChange:

It’s OVER For Us and Independent Media HERE


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  1. Newbee

    June 6, 2019 at 9:19 am

    Lots of very fringe sites are being taken down too which is not getting any press.
    Some are quite good too. One of my favorite fringe sites was ‘Rumours From The Dark Web’ which is now gone.
    Just before they were pulled the team reported Dark Web chatter about the deep state. They have been taken down of all platforms and delisted/scrubbed from Google so thier achives cant even be found.
    It may be something to do with general censorship but may be because this week they broke stories about the London and Washington Black Banks having thier gold in australia seized.
    Apparently the Chinese warships in Sydney were about China seizing Black Bank gold and silver in Australia and CIA/Deep State Opium.
    The French did this too but in New York in 1971 when they sailed a Battleship with 100’s of troops right into New York to collect the French Gold from the Fed who were stalling with its return.
    Be interesting if we get to hear anything about the Chinese doing this in Sydney (Australia is one of the Worlds largest suppliers of Gold and Silver by the way).

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