Isaac Kappy 3ncrypted Paper K3Y & Devices – Dead Man Switch?

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from Titus Frost 1984:

Isaac Kappy 3ncrypted Paper K3Y & Devices – Dead Man Switch?


We found an active account on Keybase.io for Isaac Kappy. It had two encrypted devices and potentially a paper key. The paper key has a document we believe attached, is this the “dead man switch”, no one knows not even the admin of the Keybase account…

Keybase admin is a cool guy named Brett, hoping to work with him going forward. He and I are in communication. He said this tweet was important to understanding what happened in his opinion: https://twitter.com/DBRJLONG/status/1…

The account “Reagan Early” who DM’d me on twitter and is to be given credit for finding the keybase account is here: https://twitter.com/ReaganEarly What is a Paper Key? https://twitter.com/ImperatorTruth/st…

Thanks to CHN for the Paper Key Explanation: https://twitter.com/SamplerBellagio

The hexadecimal code that Kappy tweeted out is: 86d53c1315F42ea48caa0dc1b82a1c61e988b1035db897e90c2303c05d8721648ca816eada320c950b75985575b495a12c06d0a0ba77b9e23ccbd7d31b5bd035

Let me know if you can crack it. Should be a series of words used for a key. Cheers!