“Declas, UFOs, Fleccas Talks, and Away We Go” 5/24/19

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from Quite Frankly:

“Declas, UFOs, Fleccas Talks, and Away We Go” 5/24/19


It’s Friday Night and boy oh boy it’s going to be a great Memorial Day weekend here in New York. Tonight Rob will be hanging in studio for a bit, and #FleccasTalks will be our guest in the first half. #FISA and much more to be Declassified, and like clockwork, the same people who want to hold the world in contempt over the last .01% of the Mueller Comic are opposed to revealing anything that will explain its filthy origin. Questions from the Patrons, Calls from the viewing audience, and a quick check-up on the #UFO news that has been stacking up lately! There will be no live Quite Frankly broadcast on Monday evening, however there will be an afternoon edition of Dark to Light.