Joshua Before After CBD OIL for Autism

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from Molly & Joshua Our Autism & Down Syndrome Journey:


Joshua Before After CBD OIL for Autism


Joshua was a normal happy baby who was starting to say the basic words mama dada etc. At 18 months we started to notice huge changes in him… rapidly he lost his eye contact his interaction his voice and his personality …we were losing him to autism. As soon as we got the official diagnosis of non-verbal autism we started physiotherapy occupational therapy and speech therapy to try to bring him back but to no avail. He became sensory to food and would barely eat and his diet became restricted to yellow foods waffles nuggets and ona good day digestive biscuits. He bounced incessantly and was up most nights At around 2 and a half years old I came across a lady who recommended trying CBD oil I’d never even heard of it but I was willing to try anything!! Within days I saw massive changes he started to eat almost everything….he started to babble.. slowly his eye contact came back then his interaction with his siblings and words started to come.. he sleeps every night.. the stimming flapping and sensory issues are hugely reduced. We have our boy back… he still has autism but CBD oil has changed his life and ours and I’ll be forever grateful Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more updates on Joshua’s progress and his little sister’s journey with Down syndrome


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