Candace Owens Ends Ted Lieu’s Career

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from John Ward:

Candace Owens Ends Ted Lieu’s Career


California Congressboy Ted Lieu thought he had pulled the ‘ole Left Coast “High Speed Rail” scam on conservative, black, and female icon Candace Owens – the weird mouth-breather cherry-picked 30 seconds of audio of Owens talking about Hitler and presented it misleadingly (read: lied) during a US Congressional Hearing on “racism.” Lieu then refused to let Owens respond, and it wasn’t until a Pennsylvania Rep. yielded the floor the Owens finally unleashed (despite Jerry Nadler’s best efforts) the Holy Fire Of Heaven Itself on History’s biggest Lieuser.


1 Comment

  1. R Renfroe

    April 11, 2019 at 8:01 pm

    Mr. Ward, I was looking for videos of Candace Owens after seeing her fantastic speech at a public hearing when I found a video with your name attributed to it entitled “Candace Owens ends Ted Lieu’s career.” Being the first time I’ve seen your name or heard of you, I clicked play to hear this fantastic exchange again only to hear your voice-over saying incredibly sexist, insulting and generally a rude commentary about her looks and male response to her that you tried to make entertaining and acceptable for the sake of comedy. I have no idea if the rest of the video had any intelligent comments from you at all because I closed it after hearing quite enough. You have done her a huge injustice by your demeaning words, showing yourself to be of a stereotypical sexist male perspective. I am white, I’m conservative and I’m floored that you marred this historic platform opportunity to be so narrow-minded and sophomoric in your voice-over. That will lose you respect and credibility from a large audience.

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