Cartoon Physics On 9/11-Richard D Hall 3D Analysis

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from Discovery Studios:


Cartoon Physics On 9/11-Richard D Hall 3D Analysis-An Unmodified 767 DID NOT Hit the Towers


Ladies and Gents welcome back to another episode from my archive.I have done a lot of work on this video to attempt to ensure no copyright of an audio soundtrack has been breached. Richard D Hall is a researcher from Newcastle here in the UK who has, to my mind has done some of the best analysis with regards especially the alleged UA 175 hitting the South Tower. What hit the South Tower? The evidence mounts up that it could not have been an unmodified aircraft…so if that is the case and you can positively prove that UA 175 wasn’t what was seen hitting the South Tower…what was hitting the South Tower? Plus…if the above is remotely correct, then the official version of events that is still carried by the MSM has to be called into question. On a day that the world was deceived on multiple levels…why do some people still find it hard to accept that this was another part of the mass deception which took place on Tuesday September 11th 2001.

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