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*AGE OF DECEIT 3* Remnants in the Cyber_Hive Earth

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from FaceLikeTheSun:


*AGE OF DECEIT 3* (FULL) Remnants in the Cyber_Hive Earth


In this third film in the AGE OF DECEIT series, we explore the massive and rapid changes from the economy, the infrastructure of cities, communities, families, and even our own biology, and how it’s all beginning to look/sound/feel/become eerily similar to what was recorded in the ancient Scriptures. Understanding the circumstances surrounding the Tower of Babel helps us properly analyze and assess our current conflict laden society regarding everything from politics, geopolitics, science and technology, among a variety of spiritual issues like metaphysics, angels, demons, gods, and God. The human rebellion has been part of the issue concerning our current state of affairs. But too many do not consider the divine rebellion as the primary source of our situation. Agents of the divine rebellion seem to be all over the emergence of computing technology and cybernetics in the 20th century. As the 21st century marches on, we expect to see the tangible effects emerge more and more. In our contemporary milieu where philosophical propositions like the “simulation theory” are becoming the common perception of the world, it becomes obvious that sin itself is akin to a computer virus, attempting to derail the intended purpose, will and work of God’s creation. The effects of the sin virus is decay, with the goal of death. But our reality is not left to dust. Embedded in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, are all the necessary pieces of information to declare the reversal of the sin virus (remission of sin/repentance) and hence the eradication of death. His bodily resurrection also declares the promised state of our own resurrection, when we will get to reign with God as heirs to Christ.


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