“A Quarantine in New York” ft. SGT Report 3/28/19

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from Quite Frankly:

“A Quarantine in New York” ft. SGT Report 3/28/19


Friends, I went on the Quite Frankly show tonight to talk about this OUTRAGE! THIS IS THE LINE IN THE SAND. MANDATORY BIG PHARMA injections is the MOST EVIL thing they can pitch, only in NAZI Germany, right?! No, it’s HERE NOW and we the people CAN NOT allow this horrific TYRANNY to stand. LISTEN: 39:451:05:00 Vaccines “are chemical weapons delivery systems” DO YOUR RESEARCH friends, these companies have NO liability and they cannot be sued when they damage or KILL you OR your children.

Rockland County, New York, is responding to a Measles outbreak by demanding that unvaccinated children are kept out of public spaces. Sean from the SGT Report joins us to lay down a passionate argument against inoculation—forced or otherwise. We then take some fantastic calls from the audience. I did not know how this one was going to turn out, but it turned out being great.