Q Anon/News – F-15 – In Pursuit of Truth Presents

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from In Pursuit of Truth:

Q Anon/News – F-15 – In Pursuit of Truth Presents


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  1. So Sarri

    February 16, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    William Barr is going to dig up the true facts to help the President?
    Doubt that one, Bros.
    Barr is the same Barr that protected FBI agents after they shot the wifes head OFF with a 50 Cal. at Ruby Ridge and then continued to Psychologically terrify the family by addressing the then deceased wife offering pancakes to her (remember, she’s dead) and her kids.
    William Barr’s wife goes to bible studies with Mueller’s wife, currently.
    William Barr is part of the same D.C. Establishment that Trump is fighting.
    Trump should have NEVER signed that Bill that he just signed. The Demoncrats slid things into it at the last minute that make it difficult to complete the wall and Trump’s advisors need to be fired, yesterday.
    William Barr is part of the ever-present, omni-present Swamp. Pray for our POTUS if you know how.

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