POLITIꓘS … & Other Off-Limits Topics – John Barbour & Donald Jeffries

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from SGTreport:

POLITIꓘS … & Other Off-Limits Topics – John Barbour & Donald Jeffries


Dear long time friends of SGT Report, it is now abundantly clear that You Tube in now actively BLACK LISTING SGT Report, a You Tube partner that has been in “good standing” for 7 years. You Tube has now labeled the last 5 videos/interviews I have produced as “not suitable for most advertisers”. This is worse than the You Tube “Ad-pocalypse” because they are now preventing us from getting ANY advertising at all, while at the same time You Tube is now hiding our videos from the public-at-large by no longer “recommending” them in the You Tube sidebar. This is You Tube’s active, overt strategy to KILL alt-media channels whose politics run contrary to YouTube’s, and parent company, Google. The analytics for my channel just since January 22 when You Tube announced they were changing their algos to filter out “conspiracy videos and misinformation” are shocking. All metrics are in steep decline after YEARS of GROWTH: Video views, watch time, new subscribers and ad revenue ALL down HUGE. Without your continued support, this will be the death blow for alt-media truth sources like SGT Report. Please support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=5104183
THANK YOU.  And now… the interview:
Authors Donald Jeffries and John Barbour return to SGT Report for a round table discussion about the latest in off-limits politics, the kind of topics You Tube now relegates to the dust bin hoping YOU won’t be able to find it.

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