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7 unbelievable LIES most of us believe anyway! ✞

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from Astro Not:


7 unbelievable LIES most of us believe anyway! ✞


So you believe in the Big Bang, evolution, earth’s core, the smell of rum and the taste of raspberries at the center of the galaxy, the diamond planet, Voyager 1, black holes, etc… and you are convinced that you are so much smarter than me, because I believe in God Almighty’s word over your theoretical, unverifiable NONSENSE? How can you believe all of these FAIRYTALES and much, much more without ever questioning any of it?

Question EVERYTHING, and do your OWN research! NASA and ALL other space agencies LIE; Space is FAKE, Earth is FLAT, God Almighty is REAL and Jesus Christ is our beloved Lord and Savior!

Starring: Bill Nye (the wannabe science guy), Neil DeGrasse Tyson (actor), the crew from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, National Geographic, 12News, “Doctor” Tanya, Trinity Chavez, Ed Stone, Suzanne Dodd, Trace Dominguez, Jim Carey and John Lennon! 😉 Outro-scenes from the one and only tellmewhatyoulove , don’t miss the chance to check out his channel and like + subscribe his excellent work! https://www.youtube.com/user/tellmewh…

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