The Terrible Truth About “Ireland 2040”

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from Stefan Molyneux:

The Terrible Truth About “Ireland 2040”


“Ireland 2040” is a 25 year Irish Government planning document which aims to import countless migrants into Ireland, largely from Africa. Stefan Molyneux, Host of Freedomain Radio, unpacks the horrifying social engineering at work in this plan, and details the effects of mass migration on Ireland so far. “By 2040, we know that Ireland will be home to an additional one million people. We will need at least an extra 600,000 jobs and a half a million additional homes. Twenty years ago, we were a country of 3.5 million people; by 2040, that will be approaching 6 million people. Together with Northern Ireland, our island will have a population of around 8 million by 2040. “Between now and 2040, our small but dynamic country will have to cope with enormous changes in social, economic, cultural and environmental terms. For example, the number of people over 65 will more than double by then, half the jobs that people will work at in 2040 may not even exist today and we are likely to be facing increased environmental and climate pressures.” Around 6.6 million people live on the island of Ireland, 4.75 million people in Ireland (72% of total) and 1.85 million people in Northern Ireland (28% of total) (Census of population 2016/NISRA). By 2040, the island we share will be home to almost 8 million people. …planning for nearly 1.4 million extra people on this island, their homes and places of work and the infrastructure required to support this growth, while at the same time ensuring good outcomes in terms of physical and community development and environmental quality, poses several shared challenges, including: Managing our growth strategically for long-term benefit in terms of economic and social development and environmental quality. Working together for mutual advantage in areas such as economic development and promotion, co-ordination of social and physical infrastructure provision and environmental management. The National Planning Framework is the Government’s plan to cater for the extra one million people that will be living in Ireland, the additional two thirds of a million people working in Ireland and the half a million extra homes needed in Ireland by 2040…


  1. Deforest

    January 13, 2019 at 11:04 pm

    Although l’m against any agendas that promote migrations from A to B without the consent of the receiving country, your arguments are false. We don’t need to go too far to counter all your BS.
    When the population of the US changed with the migrations of Europeans, the Aborigines, i.e. the Africans”, the cities where they established thrived and flourished. The “African” Americans’ banks were superior to the European population. Nowadays the people living from food stamps and government aids are numerically white.
    If European people were that smart how do you explain that all of them are in debt, insolvent, dictatorships…??? Explain to me, how Libya was on the verge of creating a gold dinar whereas our currency not only depreciates but is only Monopoly money? Explain to me, why countries like Irak, Libya, Iran have a literacy rate superior to ours? You also forget that the first fortresses were made in Somalia and that our descendants did copycat them….
    Your argumentation is false and erroneous as usual and the best way to keep Ireland for Irish is to fight for it. But as the Jews said it rightly white people are cowards it explains why they infiltred their countries and that now, they are all bankrupt

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