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FIRES “WORLDWIDE” – SPACE BASED WEAPONS PG&E – Solaren Corp – Russian Patent and More


FIRES “WORLDWIDE” – SPACE BASED WEAPONS PG&E – Solaren Corp – Russian Patent and More NutriMedical Report Show, Monday, Jan 14th 2019, Hour Two – Dr. Bill Deagle interviews Deborah Tavares –

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  1. Decorest

    January 19, 2019 at 8:45 pm

    What is the likelihood that those weapons to come from space? Zero. What is the likelihood for satellites to be in space? Zero. Nothing goes up or down. Everything is a lie. However if we’re looking at what’s happening below chemtrails, HARRP and the installation of 5G antennas one may wonder what is the common denominator? Could it be frequency waves? Everything is correlated to radiations. Tesla developed the weapon, what else do we need? Who has the weaponry? Who steals your tax money and ruin your lives? The military. In the Pink Swstika, we are aware of military personal that are homosexuals above the Sargent level, could it be that we copycat the nazis? Those are the same ones that put their arses on a chair and salivate at the idea that your sons come back in a coffin. After all, let’s not forget “paper clip”. Where do they live? Underground. If ever they decided to fry us, what will be the likelihood to affect them? Zero. In one of Benjamin Fullford’s video (l invite you to dissect right from wrong) the guest says it clearly, they have facilities underground. Why is there a seed vault? Why is it a fortress? Why is it up north in a hostile region?
    So, here we are, working hard for those trannies (notice that the top degenerate level for generations applied gender inversion). Proofs and scientific analyses are plethora. The honeybee recently unburied the case of a military “female”engineer who was charged of pedophilia and who, now, thrives in working for the NASA if my memory is good. Check her picture!
    So, they started a long time ago to harm the citizens of their countries, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods are geoengineeered by them. When will they be accountable? How many of your children, brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents must die for you to act?
    I know, you have children to feed, loan payments… your excuses are pitiful ow, Trump, Q are not heroes. Why is POTUS flashing Masonic signs, why when it came to protecting the people from Paradise nobody was there. They told us that they stopped the Hawaii missile and let Paradise burn? Who did i”intercep” the so-called missile? Thee military? Good job! Then, where were you when California was burn to the bone? It’s becoming a problem when obvious questions don’t find rational answers

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