Abilio Acosta Ends Jim Acosta’s Career

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from John Ward:

Abilio Acosta Ends Jim Acosta’s Career (Part 3)


The full story of Abilio “Jim Acosta” deserves a series, not a video. In Part 3, we continue right where we ought to – at the literal-and-figurative metal wall barring any further advancement (of Jim Acosta’s career as CNN White House Correspondent).

2019 has but begun and already the American government is shut down over a budget gridlock. President Donald Trump wants a mere five billion for a wall along the US southern border with Mexico – a travel and transportation vector that produces drugs, rape, and murder.

Having already revoked Acosta’s White House Press Credentials for assaulting a female intern – yes, seriously – President Trump surely accepted this unexpected yet nevertheless scrumptious treat courtesy of the second-worst Journalist creeping the halls of CNN.

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