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It’s time to discuss the RHA…

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from HeCsUsAll:

It’s time to discuss the RHA…


Several people have asked me what I thought about the Reproductive Health Act, so this is my take on it: The thing is, the only fights for freedom I’m not seeing on our society, are the ones that actually matter. The world is in a rapidly increasing downward spiral into an abyss, and only The Father HIMSELF is going to be able to fix it. May God help us all in the demonically charged days ahead.

Elite plan that ‘zero live’

I currently have two other videos in the works, but this one just took priority over them both. Not only was the original video on stranger than fiction’s channel shocking, it was truly telling as for the plans the elite have for society, and in turn, all of mankind. Original video on strangerthanfiction’s channel: https://youtu.be/G5YbyljNhVo