The Globalist Mask is OFF and the People Are Rising

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from Amazing Polly:

The Globalist Mask is OFF and the People Are Rising


The European Union is the continuation of the German plan for total dominance – the Fourth Reich / Greater Germany. The citizens of nations across Europe are awakening in Yellow Vest protests … they want out from under the thumb of the dictators who seek to destroy their identities.

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  1. Deforest

    December 6, 2018 at 1:06 am

    And while America is governed by Americans, other Americans sacrificed 50,000 Americans with DEW in the so-called Cali “wild fires”. Fires are not wild they are ordered…where were the white hats? What’s next? Earthquakes, tsunamis?
    I disagree with you. While Hitler brought prosperity to Germany, Stalin destroyed Russia and the Russians.. Hitler brought nationalism, Stalinc; communism
    It took you a long to bring about: who is behind those yelllow.vests, l guarantee you that they’re paid rioters. French are as dumb downed as the Americans. French protest when led by the unions? Who funded those yellow vests is my question, also who were in Adenauer’s or Monnet’s shadows?

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