Directed Energy Weapons; A Primer of Destruction and Genocide

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from aplanetruth.info:

Directed Energy Weapons; A Primer of Destruction and Genocide




Paradise Lost #17 ~ Pets Left to Die; Animal Rescue Workers Denied Access


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  1. D

    December 3, 2018 at 4:22 pm

    I am really greatfull you have published this vedio, I had this weapon used on me, I was walking down the road, when a wind blew up, but the wind wasonly on me and not windy anywhere else. I cant s;eepat night because they are using this weapons on my home. The House is Hot and its cold outside, and they do it at night. I could be sitting some where where its cool and after a bout 5 minutes its so hot I have to move, its affected my health emensely. The resaon they are doing it is because I desovered vast amounts of information about these Establishment riminals, and I have spoken out about them. I am struggling to live they are outside my house on a daily basis, I see their stata;lite posted outside my house, My Neighbours have moved out, I do not have the funds to move, because no matter where I move to the will know because thet are tracking my every move. Because of what I know my life is in grave danger.

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