MASSIVE OBJECT Caught Behind Jupiter…

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from secureteam10:


MASSIVE OBJECT Caught Behind Jupiter…



Total Satellite BLACKOUT Of This Area For 8 Years.. WHY?

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  1. Not Disclosed

    October 28, 2018 at 9:50 pm

    Looks to be similar to the Aurora Borealis. You can see a “trunk-like” extension (pinkish purple in color) descending into the atmosphere of Jupiter. Its probably some phenomenon related to intense radiation of some sort (cosmic or from the planet itself). It doesn’t appear to be solid like an object. Its too close to the planet and too large to be something doing anything meaningful here and what is with the color? Alien wrap for their immense ship? Taking so much risk with such a huge ship being so close to such a huge planet? Nonsense at any level of tech! You are ALWAYS too quick to assume that everything is some un-natural object. Too much sensationalism and confirmation bias here. We aren’t force to concude anything and when I saw who this video was by I didn’t want to view it…

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