Hurricane Michael & the US Govt Cover Up

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from inTruthbyGrace:

Hurricane Michael & the US Govt Cover Up


Why did Intellicast remove the the data?

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Hurricane Michael: More Proof of Targeted Strike & Cover-up

(I said radius, I meant diameter*) I found additional confirmation of initial (now scrubbed) wind speeds recorded at intellicast. Weather Underground data for Tyndall AFB and a SINGLE personal weather station still reflect the 86mph winds exclusively hitting Panama City, Tyndall, and Mexico Beach while surrounding areas only 10 miles away were only reading wind speeds of 36mph!!! Using these data sets to test other weather reading programs like “Windy” dot com gives us a chance to vet the integrity of the data… spoiler: Windy dot com uses intellicast data which has been scrubbed and does not show a hurricane on 10-10 in the Panama City area!

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