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Atheist Dies & Goes to Hell… Turns back to Jesus (R$E)

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from RISE:

Atheist Dies & Goes to Hell… Turns back to Jesus (R$E)


Bryan Melvin dies and goes to Hades / Sheol. An in-depth interview about his Near Death Experience (NDE) and how it impacted his life.

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  1. cloudy

    September 13, 2018 at 7:48 am

    The Vast Majority [TVM] may know that when telling the-truth, only one truth is needed whereas when telling “porkies”, you need more “porkies” to cover-for the previous “porkies”/untruths – to the point that one may not remember which porky is real and which is “relative”- with respect to Porky. Of course.

    What is generally not realisable is that when, “The Multiplicity of Choices”, are being offered, there is no Real Choice other than “Porky”/Apparent/”Relative” Choices “Running-Amok”. You know, like when, for example, Freedom is “gifted”. This is because Real/Absolute Freedom is NOT only free, but True Freedom is Innately-Provisioned-Within.

    As such, anyone who offers Freedom is …. The “Coloniser”/Slave-Master. No wonder another name for “The Devil” is The Joker.

    UnTruths have ONLY one aim and that is to DeVolve via “Thought-Processing”. Via “The Cloak of Invisibility”. TVM may not be able to realise so but only A Collective Few [as opposed to The Collectivised Many] is required for “The–Real-Purpose”/Ultimate-Evolution. You know, when The ONLY-Energy-Creator/Truth is expressible/channelise-able. When The Empowerment of Truth is Love.

    A Principle is “The-Masculine” wheresas said Principle’s “Power”/Expressibility is “The-Feminine”. You know, when The-Sun is “Its-Light”/SunLight or when A-Word is Its-Meaning. When Masulinity & Femininity are “materialised”/gross, however, you’ll have Licentiousness Running-Amok. You know, when “Oh-La-La” is, for example, when “Prostituting Hausfraus” are being “guided-by” Alcohol/”Wine”. [Wine, in Biblical Times, mean Grape-Juice. It does NOT mean fermented grape-juice, the process of fermentation requiring weeks-upon-weeks to be realised.]

    Some Hypocrites might pretend to be “shocked” by outward display of Paedophilia, but NOT when many of them wished they could, “Git Their Hands On Dat Smoothie”, jest like TVM of The-Westernised are seldom, if at all, shocked by their “Lack of Chastity”. You know, when “Pron” is NOT a Dirty Word other than to “View Pron”, if you please. Perhaps accompanied by fermented grape juice and “Slimmed”/Fashionised bodies. Witness that “Naturally-Slimmed” bodies are usually The Egotistical/”Agressives” whereas “The-Obese” are usually those who “love” to be, “Put In their Place”/Conditioned. Variety within Humanity ensure that Humans don’t look like some “Collectivised-Outfit-ready-for-battle” in addition to ensuring that Judgemental/Ownership Issue is best left for “Of-The-self”. It is mentioned in “Christianity” [there is actually NO such a thing] to, “Love Thy Neighbour As yourself” whereas the reality is that within “Christianity”, “Neighbours” are “The Real Problem”. Is that some kind of joke or what?

    The Material Realm “spins” on “Robbing Peter To Pay Paul”. There is NO such thing as “Win-Win” because “A Gain” hier, had to be met by “A Loss” ovar-thar. Where? As long as it is “invisible”/proxy-able, who le ‘eck cares. Eh? Self & One’s Progeny might not care but The Progeny’s Progeny will have to care when Lifeless-Rocks are turned into Landfills. You know, when Consequences are Real and NOT Relativised [as in the case of “Carbon-Emissions”, “Global-Warming”, etc.].

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