How the EU Actually Works. You won’t believe this.

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from Sargon of Akkad:

How the EU Actually Works. You won’t believe this.


  1. cloudy

    September 16, 2018 at 5:33 am

    “The EU”, or what “The Treaty of Rome” was called, is The Common Market of Europe. Where “Trade”is used to overcome Blind-Aggression of “The Germans”. But NOT when “The Common Market decides to “Unionised”/Organised/Collectivised Dem-Europeans under “The Umbrella of Political Union”. You know, where “Rome” not only houses The-Vatican/”Christianity-Running-Amok”, it also houses “Da-EU”/German-Engineering-Might-Supported-by-Number-Oneness.

    This is NOT-possible/”but-a-Joke” because whenever A Balanced Quality/Aspect is “Divided-Within”/Relativised into Polar-Opposites, you know, when “Pro-vs-Con Are Tusselling On The Stage, “Truth/Reality Will Have To Take A Hike”. Witness, therefore, “BreExit” being BreRemain when Dem-Jarmans-cum-Number-Oneness, “Stamps Its Feet”.

    When The Real Devil is whenever The-Devilish self-certifies as being Da Anti-Devil, that is when A Joke is Running Amok. Be conscious and be aware that when Thought-Processing is used to explain, “How Eet works”, that is what is known as, “The Devil Never Speaks Against His Own House”. You know when Thought-Processing is the Real Aim. The Moment when “Truthers” are merely The-Mesmerised.

    How could there be Selflessness when The Human Universe “spins”/is-fully-dependent on Selfishness. You know, when Relativity is able to mesmerised The Vast Majority as being Real? How? For starters, ask [kindly] “Zat Panelists” to “resign – UnConditionally.

  2. cloudy

    September 16, 2018 at 5:41 am

    Without being able to realise that “Death” is merely “Reverting To Reality”, there is NO Solution to Der-Problem, which is that The Human Universe is Fully-Dependent on Selfishness being The Key Ingredient in order to “spin properly”. You know, when “Dem Natives” are when Number-Oneness “Kolonise” on returning “Home” from their sojurn/”Foreign” gallivants.

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