Macaulay Culkin Visits Voodoo Donuts. Seth Green Pedo Cartoons

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from Bill Smith:


Macaulay Culkin Visits Voodoo Donuts (both are SATANIC?), Seth Green Pedophile Cartoons #Doughnutgate


Macaulay Culkin recently visited VooDoo Doughnuts, shocker! Seth Green on social lockdown after being outed as a pedophile. Robot Chicken anyone?? ****************************************************************

BASIC turn of events so far (i missed stuff here):

1. Kappy outs Seth Green

2. TMZ goes after Kappy to cover the scent

3. Seth and Clare go on social lockdown

4. Seth’s best friend McCulkin goes on Joe Rogan

5. Voodoo donuts brought into queston re: Satanic Pedo

6. McCulkin goes to Voodoo donuts

7. Now McCulkin does a Youtube video about Voodoo donuts ***************************************************************** you see how this works??? do you see it?? do you see it?? do you see it??



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