The Miracle of Life: Birth of Squirrel

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from Zapping Sauvage:

The Miracle of Life: Birth of Squirrel


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  1. cloudy

    July 7, 2018 at 5:42 pm

    What is more miraculous is how Lifeless-Rocks became Thinking Humans. Realise it or not [and NO one should merely believe so without realising that] The Evolution of Humans DO NOT end with “Thinking About It”, other than relinquishing Thought-Processing after self-realising that Reality is NOT about Thought-Processing but about being able to realise who or what Thought-Processing is before having the means to relinquishing The Joker Running Amok Within.

    Before The Moment of the self-realisation of the individual’s reality, however, what is even more miraculous is that The Living & Breathing’s Body normally rejects anything alien but for the sake of procreation, The Body will benevolently accept something alien, patiently nurturing the result of that “Acceptance” before rejecting said “Acceptance” At The Right Moment. That of “Procreation”, something “Same-Sexiness” is unable to replicate, no matter who or what is their facilitator.

    Homosexuality, perhaps, is NOT something Innately-Provisioned other than being aquired as the result of Depression-Aggression of Sorts but whatever that may be, Homosexuality cannot be countered via “Materialistic”/Somatic-Means. If true, then the harder one tries to “remove-homosexuality”, the more impossible it becomes. The same applies to “Addiction”. The more An Addiction is “mentally resolved”, the more entrenched An Addiction becomes. It is like antidoting Poison with Poison, something The Pharmaceutical Industry is “thoroughly familiar with”.

    Agree and like it or not, The Knowledge which preceded mere “Human”/Materialistic Knowledge must exists. You know, when Knowledge is NOT about Ownership-Issue/Power-Accumulation but about The UnConditionality Within Benevolence. That of Absolute Motherlinesss, said Real Motherliness’ patience being one of self-sacrifice/”Thoughtless-Awareness” whereas Superficial Motherliness is when Thought-Processing is Running Wild & Wanton. Wild & Wanton Thoughts like Staying “Young & Beautiful” even when the skin is wrinkly and sagging in addition to waltzing-about like a teenager at 80 years of age. Perhaps the fact that EVERY Human was Born and “Dies”with NO Baggage is trying to inform on something The Wise are able to easily perceive/”sense”.

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